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Air Filtration

Keeping your indoor air quality up to par is a serious concern that often goes overlooked. Make sure the air you breathe in your home or office is clean and fresh with our ventilators, UV lamps, and air purifiers from Carrier®.

Allergens, dust, mold and mildew spores can be circulating throughout your home if your HVAC system is not properly maintained. These pollutants can cause respiratory irritation and even make existing health problems, like allergies or asthma, worse.

Adding air filtration products to your HVAC system can help keep these irritants in check. Our technicians are knowledgeable in the types of products best suited to keep your air clean and create a healthy environment.

Speak to a Brummitt Heating and Cooling technician about our range of air filtration products.

Air Purifier

Performance™ Air Purifier

The Performance™ air purifier can help you answer concerns about your indoor air quality. Proven effective against 3 common pathogens, including the common cold, it works silently in-line with your HVAC system, taking out up to 75% of organisms as small as .30 micron with every wave of air that passes through it.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Performance™ Energy Recovery Ventilator

This ventilator prefilters air for reduced indoor air pollutants and mitigates humidity from incoming fresh air. Energy recovery ventilators are best used in climates where the summer is hot and humid, making them perfect for north central North Carolina and southern Virginia.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Performance™ Energy Recovery Ventilator 1100

This Performance™ series ventilator supplies pre-conditioned, fresh air to your home or business. Energy recovery ventilators use the outgoing air's thermal energy to pre-condition the air coming in so you can enjoy fresh air without overworking your system. Its quiet operation means you can have peace and quiet and peace of mind.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Performance™ Energy Recovery Ventilator 1200

Carrier® Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are designed to minimize energy loss while bringing fresh air into your home and exiting stale air year round. This ventilator is not only highly-efficient, but its crossflow configuration ensures there is no mixing of stale, outgoing and fresh, incoming air.