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Controls & Thermostats

Controls and thermostats have come a long way from the basic dial or slide thermostats of the past. Today, you have much more control over your heating and cooling system.

Many controls and thermostats these days are programmable for different times of the day and different parts of your space. This helps your system run more efficiently by focusing on providing comfort when you need it, where you need it. And since they are programmable, you can set it and forget it - no need to remember to turn down the thermostat before you leave.

Some models even let you control things like humidity from the same interface, giving you maximum control over your entire system. Others can be set remotely via WiFi or your mobile device.

When it comes to today's thermostats, it's all about your amount of control. Take a look at some of the models Brummitt Heating and Cooling offers, and be sure to speak to one of our certified technicians about which one is the right fit for you.

Comfort™ Non-Programmable Thermostat

This easy-to-use, non-programmable thermostat makes managing your home comfort a breeze.

Comfort™ Non-Programmable Thermostat

This Comfort™ series thermostat is capable for intelligent, heating-comfort staging and will change over between heating and cooling automatically.

Comfort™ Non-Programmable Thermostat - NAC

This Comfort™ non-programmable, large-screen thermostat keeps it simple with easy instructions printed right inside the door. It's a breeze to maximize your comfort using this electronic thermostat configured for systems using an air conditioner for cooling.

Comfort™ Non-Programmable Thermostat - NHP

This Comfort™ electronic thermostat is configured for systems using a heat pump for cooling. It is user-friendly with a large, illuminated display and timed, filter replacement reminders. Just set it and forget it.