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Ductless Systems

If you have a small space that needs special cooling or heating needs, like a sunroom that gets just a little too warm, then a ductless system may be your answer.

Ductless systems let you heat or cool a room without having to add more ductwork. Most ductless systems are mounted either high up on a wall or on the ceiling to provide you with additional comfort without being obtrusive.

Because these systems are so compact, they are extremely efficient and quiet. Plus, their small design is much less bulky and unsightly as a traditional window unit.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your residential or commercial system, Brummitt Heating and Cooling can help meet your needs. Contact us about the ductless systems we offer, and learn more about them below.

Comfort™ Residential Ductless Highwall Air Conditioner System

Comfort™ series ductless systems are designed with your budget in mind, and the MVC model is no different. Its single-stage rotary compressor attains 13 SEER cooling so you can enjoy comfort within your budget. This model also offers an extended range cooling kit in case your need to cool involves a room that seems to be always too hot no matter what time of year. With it ,you can continue cooling even when temperatures dip to -20°F.

Comfort™ Residential Ductless Highwall Heat Pump System

This is an economical solution to your heating and cooling needs. The MVQ model heat pump's single-stage rotary compressor cools and heats so you can enjoy comfort within your budget. Its three fan speeds, dehumidification mode setting and oscillating louver give you plenty of comfort choices. Plus you get the convenience of a wireless remote.

Commercial Ductless Cassette Air Conditioner

Performance™ Commercial Ductless Cassette Air Conditioner

This ductless cassette air conditioner will provide reliable cooling for your business for years to come. Its 3 fan speeds can be controlled at the wall unit or wirelessly via remote control. Set specific temperatures from 62-84°F to make sure your employees are comfortable all year long.

Heat Pump System

Performance™ Commercial Ductless Cassette Heat Pump System

This Performance™ series system is a flexible in-ceiling solution to your heating and cooling needs. Not only is it extremely quiet when operating, but with line lengths of up to 200', it can work in almost any space.