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3 Different Reasons for Heating and Air Conditioning Service, and How to Prevent Them

Reasons for Heating and AC Service

How can you prevent the need for heating and air conditioning service?

Many of our customers are surprised to know how much they can do to prevent the need for heating and air conditioning service. Following certain habits and common-sense tasks can go a long way in keeping HVAC systems running efficiently and reliably. Here are three common reasons for heating and air conditioning service, and how you can prevent them:

1. Breaker Tripped

One of the most common reasons for heating and air conditioning service calls is a tripped breaker. We always encourage our clients to check their breaker box before calling in the experts. Checking your breakers first could prevent an expensive and unnecessary house call.

2. Performance Lagging

Another major reason for heating and air conditioning service is a sense that the system’s efficiency is diminished. Maybe the air conditioner doesn’t cool the house in the summer like it once did, or the house just doesn’t stay warm enough in the winter anymore. There are some repairs that can help old systems regain heating and cooling prowess, but eventually, an old, inefficient system just needs to be replaced. Delay this by keeping your air filters clean, upgrading your thermostat, and having seasonal inspections done to help your systems stay efficient year-round.

3. Pilot Light Lit

A common issue in the wintertime is a pilot light that won’t stay lit. There are two possible causes: a dirty flame sensor, which can be cleaned by a professional; or debris in the air intake vent, which you should keep clear on an ongoing basis.

Brummitt Heating and Cooling believes in the power of prevention. However, even the most meticulously maintained heating and air conditioning systems will eventually require service. If you find you are in need of heating and air conditioning service in the Oxford, NC area, call us anytime at 919.693.5536 for fast and reliable service.