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3 Reasons Why an Energy Audit is a Good Thing

Savvy homeowners in Oxford, NC, are always on the lookout for ways to lower their utility bills while still enjoying a comfortable environment. While energy-wasters like drafty windows and inadequate attic insulation are fairly easy to identify, other sources of energy loss aren't as readily apparent to the naked eye. In a professional home energy audit, trained technicians use special diagnostic tools and equipment to pin down the specific locations, appliances and features in your home that are wasting energy. Here are three reasons why a professional home assessment is a good idea.

Whole-Home Solutions

Rather than focusing on a single issue, a home energy audit looks for cost-effective ways to increase the overall energy efficiency of your home. At the end of the audit, you'll be presented with a prioritized list of home improvements that piece together to solve your energy conservation puzzle. Before adding attic insulation, for example, you may be advised to seal energy-wasting leaks in the attic floor. Recommended solutions can range from simple fixes like making an HVAC repair on a faulty air conditioner to replacing water heating equipment with an Energy Star qualified model. By following the audit's recommendations, you can expect to cut your energy bills by 20 percent or more, according to Environmental Protection Agency.

Enhanced Home Comfort

An energy-efficient home not only lowers your energy bills but makes your life indoors more comfortable, too. In fact, may homeowners look to energy audits to resolve issues like uneven temperatures, persistent drafts and too-high or too-low humidity levels. Using tools like blower doors and infrared cameras, auditors can identify cold and warm spots, moisture condensation and sources of air infiltration. Whether you're dealing with a damp basement or with inadequate air flow in an upstairs bedroom, a professional auditor can prescribe solutions that will improve your comfort at home.

A Healthier Home

Issues like high humidity levels, poor ventilation and faulty fuel-burning appliances can pose significant health and safety hazards for you and your family. During an energy assessment, auditors inspect appliances like hot water heaters, furnaces and stoves to ensure that they're not leaking dangerous gases like carbon monoxide. Air ducts are examined for signs of leakage. Sources of mold and mildew are identified. A new HVAC installation may be all that it takes to resolve all any issues with poor indoor air quality while reducing your monthly energy bills at the same time. Installing a high-efficiency whole-home air filter that works with your existing heating and cooling system is another option. Your auditor will suggest the most cost-effective solution.

As your home comfort specialists, the pros at Mike Brummitt Heating and Cooling are experts in resolving issues that impact your well-being at home. Our energy-saving products and services can keep your energy bills manageable too. To learn more about targeted solutions that improve your home's energy efficiency and your comfort, contact us today.