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3 Simple Steps to Maintaining Your Home's Heating System

What can maintenance agreements do for your furnace?image

Maintenance agreements are contracts between HVAC companies and customers, indicating that periodic inspections and “tune-ups” will be performed on the customer’s heating and cooling equipment. Plans such as these provide a fantastic way to ensure your HVAC system is maintained regularly so it’s always in proper working order when the hot and cold seasons arrive.

But what can you do between those visits to make sure your home stays comfortable? Here are three simple steps to maintain your home’s heating system between maintenance agreement appointments:

  1. Change your air filters. Some filters are labeled for three months’ use, but most should not be left in that long. Check them at least once a month, and replace them when there is a visible film of dust.
  2. Use your programmable thermostat. Setting your HVAC system to maintain slightly cooler winter temperatures during the day, while the house is empty, can save you a lot of money on your utility bills. It also reduces the wear and tear on your furnace.
  3. If you have multiple thermostats in your house, be sure they are always set within two or three degrees of each other. Greater variations will force your furnace to run more often as it attempts to maintain those different temperatures throughout the house.

Sticking to a regular schedule of inspections and routine HVAC maintenance is important for keeping your furnace running smoothly and efficiently. For some homeowners, it’s also necessary for maintaining their manufacturer’s warranty. Click here to learn more about HVAC maintenance agreements in the Oxford, North Carolina area from our team of professionals at Brummitt Heating and Cooling.