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3 Tips to Stay Energy Efficient This Summer

Thermostat on wall

How can you increase your home’s energy efficiency during the summer?

Achieving maximum energy efficiency might seem like an unattainable goal. Each year, utility rates go up, the summers get hotter, and we never seem to be able to cut our energy usage. While you may never see a dirt-cheap utility bill in the summertime, there are plenty of ways to save some money and keep your family cool. Here are three easy tips to help you be more energy efficient this summer:

  1. Turning down your air conditioner when you leave for the day can be a good way to reduce your energy usage while the house is empty. But try not to vary the thermostat setting by more than five degrees. This will maximize your energy savings by limiting how hard your air conditioner has to work when you get back home.
  2. Consider installing a programmable thermostat to make sure your indoor temperatures are optimized, day and night. If you choose a smart thermostat, you can check and change your HVAC settings from your smartphone any time you want.
  3. Consider having an HVAC expert conduct an energy audit on your home. They could identify numerous updates and improvements that might make an even bigger difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

Keeping your home cool without breaking the bank presents a challenge every summer. It’s an even bigger challenge when you also have to deal with the humidity of the American southeast. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get your cooling bills under control for the remainder of the summer. Click here to discover more about increasing your home’s energy efficiency this summer.