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3 Ways Your Employees Would Benefit from a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement

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What does your maintenance agreement have to do with your staff?

HVAC commercial services are an important part of property ownership. If you rent the space to tenants, it’s important to keep them comfortable and happy in order to keep them there. If you use the space yourself, your employees also need to feel comfortable when they are at work. Inefficient air conditioners won’t cut it at your commercial property. Here are three ways your employees would benefit from a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement this summer.

1. Happy employees work harder.

Providing a cool working space in the summertime will keep your employees happy and productive. This is good news for them AND for you. Purchasing a maintenance agreement is an easy and affordable way to keep your HVAC equipment in tip-top shape all year.

2. Lower energy bills make you more profitable.

A maintenance agreement makes your AC unit run more efficiently. Lower utility bills keep more money in your company’s bank account for your business needs, which helps your employees keep doing their jobs.

3. Keeping cool means no surprises.

Routine inspections included in a maintenance agreement will also help you avoid the surprise of costly repair bills from broken down AC units. The peace of mind in knowing that your air conditioner will keep running all summer long – that’s priceless.

When you purchase a maintenance agreement, it means that an HVAC expert will routinely assess and service your heating and cooling equipment. They will report back to you on any suggested repairs or services that go above and beyond your existing agreement. And in the end, you will know exactly where your air conditioner stands.

To keep your employees cool all summer, click this link or call Brummitt HVAC at 919.693.5536 for commercial services information.