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4 Things to Consider when Selecting a New Home Furnace

New Residential Gas Furnace

What’s the best furnace choice for your house?

Shopping for new equipment to meet your home’s heating and air conditioning needs can easily feel overwhelming. This situation is definitely a great time to have an expert’s opinion and advice on your side. Here are four tips from the pros on what to consider when selecting a new home furnace:

  1. If you are worried about finding an efficient furnace…stop worrying. Pretty much all of the new machines are Energy Star certified. Look for that logo, and you’ll know that you’re getting a high-efficiency furnace.
  2. For a clean-burning furnace, natural gas is the way to go. Natural gas furnaces are generally far more affordable to power than propane, oil, and electric furnaces.
  3. If you’re pressed for space but need new heating and cooling equipment, a packaged system features one outdoor unit that performs all your HVAC needs year-round.
  4. Looking for something more versatile? A heat pump can be an excellent choice for homeowners in North Carolina. Heat pumps move heat between indoors and outdoors, depending on the season. In other words, a heat pump can move hot air outside in the summer, and bring it back inside in the winter.

When deciding what kind of heating system will work best for your home, consider working with an expert. His or her professional advice could hook you up with the ideal equipment, at an affordable price, with lower operating costs than you might expect!

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