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A Checklist For Cutting Your Commercial Cooling Costs

Not only can hiring expert commercial services to tend to your company’s HVAC system keep your building cool and comfortable in the sweltering Virginia and North Carolina summer heat – it can also help make you more profitable. Just like at home, once the mercury skyrockets and the humidity levels start breaking records, everyone feels miserable if the air conditioning equipment isn’t offering relief.

Helping your employees and customers keep their cool can get expensive if your system isn’t running efficiently. Every time your system runs, it’s like you’ve opened the windows on a bank vault. It might feel like all you can do is watch your hard-earned revenue fly away into the blazing afternoon sun. However, there are measures you can take to cut your cooling costs right now.

Here’s a quick checklist from the commercial services pros at Brummitt that will help you tame the heat and save money this summer:

  • Did you check and change your air filters?
  • It’s amazing how much dust, dirt, and crud can accumulate in a month of heavy HVAC use. When your filters are blocked, your system has to work harder to maintain a cool temperature in your building.

  • Have you made the switch to a programmable thermostat?
  • If your building’s temperature setting is up for grabs, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re paying too much to keep it cool. One employee feels hot, another feels cold, and before you know it, a quiet war breaks out. Worse yet, when everyone goes home for the day, nobody remembers to turn the thermostat to a money-saving ‘away’ setting. With a programmable thermostat, you can keep everyone comfortable and make sure you’re not running the air at full-blast when nobody’s even there.

  • Are you postponing an equipment upgrade that could save money?
  • By trying to eek out every minute of service life from your equipment, it might feel like you’re being a wise steward of your capital improvements budget. But your frugality might actually be costing you more if your system is outdated and inefficient.

    Even if you’ve got a building maintenance crew, it would be a wise money-saving move to hire a pro to come in and examine your commercial HVAC system. Between sharing maintenance tips, spotting small problems that cause big bills, and making recommendations on how you can save money year-round, it pays to have a heating and cooling expert on-call.

    Scheduling a service call from the commercial services team at Brummitt is easy. Simply click to connect with us, and we’ll take good care of you – so you can take care of business.