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Does a Heat Pump Provide More Efficient Heat than a Furnace?

Thermostat and Heating Bills

Heat pump vs. furnace: here’s how to tell what’s best for your home.

Is there anything more important to today’s homeowner than energy efficiency? Household budgets keep tightening up every year, especially in the face of rising utility rates. What is a family supposed to do to save a few bucks? Perhaps it’s time to consider replacing your furnace with a heat pump; here’s why:

Heating AND Cooling in One Package

A heat pump moves hot air from one place to another. In the winter, the heat pump will capture heat from outside the house and move it in. In the summer, it works exactly the opposite way. So in that sense, a heat pump can either reduce the workload for your air conditioner, or even completely replace your AC unit, depending on your specific climate.

Heat Pumps are Efficient

In the winter, heat pumps are known to create up to three times the heat energy they consume. The same certainly cannot be said for gas furnaces.

Setting up your HVAC system to best meet your needs depends on many factors – the size of your home, your specific climate conditions, and your budget. While heat pumps are typically more expensive than furnaces, they are definitely more affordable than buying a new furnace AND air conditioner.

The best way to find out what will work best for your home is to contact your local HVAC expert. He or she can assess your situation and make a recommendation for efficient year-round climate control for your home.

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