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What Can Be Learned from Scheduling an Energy Audit?

Commercial HVAC System

Commercial services should be as efficient and thorough as possible, so you can afford to provide the best service at the lowest cost for your own customers. When you can save money as a business on HVAC commercial services, you can extend savings to your customers.

Energy is expensive and in today's business climate you need to show your customers you are doing the best you can to conserve energy and use earth-friendly practices. An energy audit can show you where you are wasting energy and how to stop the waste, which means it can also show you how to save money.

What Should a Commercial Services Client Expect to Learn from an Energy Audit?

If you are considering an energy audit for your business, you may be interested to learn more about the benefits you can expect. Here’s the information you will learn when you schedule an energy audit with a professional commercial services team:

How You Are Using Energy

The audit will show you exactly where you are using energy in your business. Your commercial services provider will give you a detailed description of the different systems in your business using energy; you can use this report to guide you in making the necessary changes to save.

An Analysis of Your Energy Bills

As part of your audit, you will receive an analysis of your energy bills, showing you just how much you spend on energy and how that changes from month to month and year to year. From this analysis, you can learn how to shift your energy use from peak times when energy is expensive to times when it costs less.

How Your Business Compares to Other Businesses Like Yours

Energy audits can show you how your business stacks up against other businesses in your field. You can learn how to be more competitive in your industry.

Energy Savings Recommendations

The auditors will give you a list of actions you can take and changes you can make to save energy. Some of them may be simple, no cost changes in how you do things. Some will need you to spend a little money now to save a lot later, and some will require a bigger investment of time and money to make major improvements in your energy use.

You May Learn about Available Incentive Programs

Your utility company may offer incentive programs to help with capital costs to improve your energy efficiency. An audit can show you how to use those programs to help you save money on energy improvements.

To schedule a professional commercial services energy audit, or to learn more about what you can expect from an audit, contact our team at Brummitt Heating & Cooling today.