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3 Factors to Think about When Considering Replacing Your Home's Air Conditioner

AC unit

When it comes to heating and cooling, certain residential services require a professional touch. Installing a new system takes an expert approach. DIYers be warned: small mistakes during installation lead to long-term problems which often negate any savings you’ll get from trying to handle this job yourself.

Here are three good reasons to hire an experienced HVAC company for AC replacements:

1. Selecting the right size of unit isn’t simple. The power of air conditioner you need depends on more than the square footage or number of rooms in your home. Airflow patterns, local climate, and quality of construction make a big impact. If you order a unit that’s too small—or too powerful—you’ll suffer from poor operation, bloated bills and an AC unit that doesn’t last very long.

2. Models and brands aren’t all made alike.
At Brummitt Heating & Cooling, we have some of the best brands available for sale. We want your investment to pay off. Thankfully, we fix enough units to know which models and brands to avoid.

3. Installation often takes special tools. What’s the point of buying a value unit on your own when you’ll blow $300 on the tools needed to install it on your own? Our fees cover parts and labor, but you also get the convenience of having someone with the right knowledge, skills, experience, tools, and insurance to do the work. Plus, our company offers an impressive 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Are you ready to replace your equipment and improve your residential services. Contact Brummitt Heating & Cooling for a complete HVAC consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect unit to provide ongoing comfort for a reasonable price.