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The Fan on My Heat Pump Is Running, But the Air Inside My Home Is Cold. What's Going On?

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If the inside air is cold, but the heat pump seems to be running, something is wrong (unless you're using the air conditioning setting). Heat pumps are supposed to keep your house cool during the summer months and warm when it's cold outside. If any issues come up with your unit, handling the problem right away is paramount. Otherwise, you run the risk of an even bigger problem down the line. If your pump's fan is working but the air in your house isn't warm, there are ways to identify the problem.

If the Inside Air is Cold, the Exterior Unit Might be the Issue

To find out if the unit outside your house is the source of the problem, set your thermostat to the 'emergency heat' setting. Also be sure that the setting is a minimum of five degrees higher than room temperature. Check your vents, and if the air coming through them is warm, it means the outside unit is the issue.

The Problem Could Also Be the Air Handler or Thermostat

Your thermostat handles the temperature, while the air handler regulates and circulates the air. If you set the thermostat to ‘emergency heat’ and the air coming out of the vents still isn’t warm, the issue can be with one of these two devices.
Maintenance that you’re unsure of, or uncomfortable doing, should be left to the professionals. You could make the problem worse by trying to perform a repair without the proper tools and training. If your home’s inside air is cold and you need a solution, contact our team at Brummitt Heating and Cooling today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and we can evaluate your HVAC system to get your home comfortable again as soon as possible.