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How Can I Reduce the Noise My Furnace Blower Makes?

Checking a Furnace because of funny noises

Heating and air conditioning pros can diagnose and repair noisy blowers in a jiffy.

If you are tired of listening to your noisy furnace blower, it's time to call a heating and air conditioning repair service. After all, you want your home to stay warm, but you don't want to put up with a loud racket every time the furnace kicks on. Many things can cause the squeaks, hums, and clanks coming from your furnace, and they are all best handled by an expert. In case you are curious, here are some possible causes of a noisy furnace blower:

  • Loose fins on the blower fan can cause a constant rattling noise whenever the blower runs. It may be possible to replace the loose fins, but the quickest way to address this is often to replace the whole blower fan.
  • The blower motor is normally fastened to the furnace with bolts, with rubber mounts installed to reduce any noise. One of those fasteners may be broken, or a rubber mount may be worn or missing. An HVAC professional can replace these things fairly easily.
  • Something may have caused the blower wheel to become out of balance. A foreign object inside the blower or a faulty fastener can cause this problem.
  • A loose belt can cause a squeaking noise inside the blower as well. Just like the belts in your car’s engine, furnace belts will have to be replaced at some point. A squeaky belt is a sign that it's time to have a new belt installed.

For the average homeowner, most heating and air conditioning repairs are beyond their level of comfort and expertise. There are simply too many potential safety hazards when you are working on a piece of equipment that involves electricity, moving parts, and possibly combustible gas. Therefore, it's always ideal to bring in a HVAC expert to assess and repair your furnace.

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