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How Can My Maintenance Agreement Help Maintain or Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

HVAC technicians working on a unit

Maintenance agreements keep equipment efficient and indoor air clean.

HVAC maintenance agreements are an ideal way to make sure your heating and cooling equipment can keep your family comfortable for many more years to come. Routine inspections and maintenance tasks ensure that worn parts are replaced before they completely break. Lubricated parts, clean filters, and flexible belts will maintain your system's efficiency and performance levels. But have you ever wondered what a maintenance agreement can do to improve your indoor air quality?

Routine inspections will quickly identify any issues with Freon or natural gas leaks. These are two of the most concerning potential issues with indoor air quality, so it's important to know if there is a gas problem right away. Maintenance agreements should also include a thorough cleaning of all the HVAC equipment. This will prevent a certain amount of dust and debris from being circulated in your home.

Another service that should be included with maintenance agreements is cleaning or replacing filters. If you have a humidifier with a cleanable filter that's included on your maintenance agreement, your technician should clean the unit and the filter. This is the best way to discourage mold and other contaminants from growing and being distributed in the home.

For efficient performance, extended lifespan of equipment, and cleaner indoor air quality, maintenance agreements can't be beat. If you think your HVAC system could use a tune-up, don't delay because the summer heat will be here in no time. You want to know your air conditioner is ready to rock and roll before those hot and humid days roll in. Contact us about maintenance agreements for homeowners in the Oxford, NC area.