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How Cleaning the Coils and Dampers of Your Commercial System Will Impact Its Efficiency This Summer

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

What do dirty coils and dampers have to do with HVAC commercial services?

Thinking of bringing in HVAC commercial services to clean your air conditioner’s coils and dampers? It’s an effective but often overlooked way to increase the energy efficiency of commercial AC units. If you have noticed a reduction in your AC unit’s efficiency, dirty coils and dampers could be to blame. Here is how cleaning the coils and dampers will reduce your energy costs this summer:

  • Evaporator coils use refrigerant to cool the air forced throughout the building. The coils become dirty over time as debris from the air flowing over the coils brings along dust, dirt, and pollen. When this crud builds up, the evaporator coils don’t work as efficiently as they once did. Cleaning the evaporator coils is good for your pocketbook and for your indoor air quality.
  • Dampers are sort of like doors inside your air ducts. Each individual damper can be opened and closed to fine tune the air supplied throughout the building. Air is forced past and against the dampers each time the heating or air conditioning system runs. Just like the coils can gather debris from the air, so can dampers. Cleaning the dirt off your dampers helps ensure the dampers close tightly when you want them to, and it will improve your indoor air quality.

To keep your home comfortable at a lower cost, getting your coils and dampers cleaned is an excellent idea. And as an added bonus, whenever you have HVAC components cleaned, it results in better indoor air quality. Click here to learn more about commercial HVAC services in the Oxford, NC area.