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How Much Do You Really Need a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your Home Heating System?

Preventative Maintenance

How Not Having Preventative Maintenance Harms Your Home Heating System?

Everyone who owns a car knows that a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Without regular oil changes, your car's engine runs rougher and louder with time. If you don't check your tires periodically, you may not realize that the air pressure is getting low, or that the tread is extremely worn either of which could lead to some serious aftermath.

Simply taking a peek under the car's hood can reveal indicators of an oil leak, a loose radiator hose, or low brake fluid. We are all well aware of all the automotive disasters you can avoid with just an ounce of prevention. But we bet that you have never applied preventative maintenance thinking to your home heating system, have you?

The one thing that most homeowners do on a regular basis is change their furnace's air filters, and that's great start. But just like a car, your home heating system has many different yet connected parts. A closed gas line or a tripped breaker will prevent the system from running. A gas leak can cause the furnace to burn inefficiently, and becomes a fire hazard. There are numerous problems and conditions that can keep your home heating system from running, and the vast majority of those issues are best identified and resolved by a qualified HVAC professional.

Brummitt Heating & Cooling offers preventative maintenance agreements that will help you keep your home heating system tuned up and ready to go. Fall is the ideal time to have your furnace checked over and tuned up, because the cold weather is just about to arrive. Giving your furnace a little TLC should provide you with peace of mind all winter long.

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