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How Often Should I Have Maintenance Done on My Heater?

HVAC service technician working on heat pump

Discover why HVAC residential services usually suggest bi-annual maintenance for your heater.

Residential heating and cooling services from HVAC companies ordinarily include some kind of regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system. But some folks question the necessity of maintenance.

If you’re like most people, you know getting an oil change on your car every 3-5 months is important to extend the life of your vehicle and prevent early breakdowns. The same principle is true for heating and cooling systems. The better you maintain your system, the longer it’ll last and the less chance it will break down on you in the middle of winter or at the height of summer.

Here are five reasons why HVAC residential services usually offer bi-annual system maintenance:

  1. To Prolong the Life of Your System: You can get an average of 16-20 years from a properly maintained heater, but poor maintenance can potentially shave years off the lifespan of your device.
  2. To Conserve Energy: Improperly maintained heaters typically cost more to use because of problems such as obstructions or leaks. If your energy bills are rising without an apparent cause, then you should start thinking about hidden energy costs such as an inefficient heater.
  3. To Decrease Safety Risks: Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be fatal if not detected early. One of the safest measures you can make with your home is to purchase a residential carbon monoxide detector and place it somewhere close to your heater (according to manufacturer guidelines). Aside from that, regular maintenance on your heater will ensure it is safe to use in your home.
  4. To Prevent Early Problems: If you have a new or relatively new heater, you shouldn’t be experiencing significant problems, such as a fan breakdown or random noises coming from your unit. However, inadequate maintenance is often the cause of early problems with your newer unit.
  5. To Preserve the Manufacturer’s Warranty: Most manufacturers will void their warranties if your heater malfunction is due to improper maintenance.

Getting your heater checked out at least twice a year is a smart way to ensure you have consistent heat in your home for years to come.

Brummitt Heating & Cooling offers a bi-annual preventative maintenance agreement as part of our residential services to keep your home heated. Contact us today for information on how our professional residential services can work for you.