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How to Prevent the 3 Most Common Summer Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioner Repairman

What can you do now to prevent heating and air conditioning repair bills later this summer?

Heating and air conditioning repairs are a fact of life for tons of homeowners. This is even truer in the summertime. When people fail to keep their AC units tuned up, the sudden shock of running the unit full-time when the heat hits can lead to big repair bills in no time. Here are some tips to prevent the three most common summer air conditioning repairs for homes in the Oxford, NC area:

1. Falling Freon Levels?

To prevent warm air from coming out of your vents this summer, the first thing to check is your Freon levels. Always trust an HVAC professional to refill your Freon – this is not a DIY job.

2. A Cooling Racket?

To prevent annoying noises in your AC unit – such as screeching or knocking sounds – have a professional inspect the air conditioner every summer. This is the ideal time to lubricate moving parts, tighten fasteners, and replacing worn-down components before they completely fail.

3. A Bit Disconnected?

To prevent a full system failure, the first thing to do is make sure that electrical connections are not showing signs of damage. When wires begin to look as though they are melting through their coatings or creating soot at connection points, it’s definitely time to call in an HVAC expert to repair the problem.

Air conditioning repairs are inevitable, but you can delay those gigantic bills by getting a simple inspection done right now. Brummitt HVAC performs thorough inspections at homes all over the Oxford, NC area. Our experienced technicians know all of the telltale signs of wear and tear, and they know how to get your AC unit back in shape. Click here to schedule your heating and air conditioning inspection or repairs.