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What Does Testing and Balancing My HVAC System Tell Me?

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Testing and balancing your HVAC system, with the help of a professional commercial services team, is a reliable way to ensure it will perform as it was designed to perform. At Brummitt Heating and Cooling, our commercial services include a wide variety of testing and balancing services to achieve total system equilibrium and ideal climate control for your business.

Are you are worried about the efficiency of your HVAC system? Or are you about to buy a new system? Learning more about what balancing and testing can do for your heating and air conditioning can help you to save money and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.

Contrary to popular belief, replacing an air conditioner or furnace is not the only way to lower utility bills. Those systems rely on the distribution system. If commercial services technicians don’t check airflow, they’re not looking after your system properly, which means it is likely not running as optimally as it could. By working with a commercial services team that performs professional testing and balancing, you can be sure you are making the most of your business’s current HVAC system.

Commercial Services Can Help You Save Money and Energy

The process of HVAC testing and balancing involves measuring and adjusting the HVAC system’s supply and distribution of air. The point of it all is to supply each of your conditioned zones with the right amount of air supply. As well as balancing the flows in the system, the testing and balancing technician takes readings to determine pressures, electrical flows, rotation, and temperatures to make sure your unit is running properly.

Although the technician installing your HVAC typically performs testing and balancing after installation, it is important to have your commercial services company provide this service again from time to time.

What Are the Benefits of Testing and Balancing?

Testing and balancing of your HVAC system offers several benefits, including:

  • The chance to troubleshoot any problem areas, such as cold or hot spots
  • The chance to maximize the system’s efficiency, reducing overall operating costs
  • The opportunity to identify deficiencies in the system
  • The opportunity to ensure the system is operating the way it was designed to operate

To find out more about commercial services for testing and balancing your HVAC system, contact our team of experts at Brummitt Heating and Cooling today.