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Is Location Important When Installing a New Air Conditioner?

Talking with homeowners about new hvac systems

Residential services have special considerations when it comes to the location of a new air conditioner. The location you choose can make your system more efficient and save you money on energy and maintenance. Of course, the opposite is also true: put your new air conditioner in a less than ideal spot, and you may find yourself with higher energy and repair bills in the months and years to come.

To help you identify the right location for your air conditioner, consider these questions and answers from residential services experts:

Can you make your air conditioner more efficient?

There are several things that can affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. It will make your air conditioner more efficient if you can place your air conditioner in a shady spot. Airflow is also important, so you should make sure there is no vegetation or leaves within two feet of the condenser unit. The lint from your dryer can clog up the condenser coils. For this reason, you should make sure your dryer exhaust is not closer than 10 feet from your condenser.

Can you hide the outside condenser unit?

Many people want to hide their condenser unit because they consider it an eyesore. They often put it under a deck or behind shrubs or a fence. However, it is important to ensure the location allows easy access for repairs and maintenance, which means under a deck may not be the ideal spot.

What can you do about a noisy unit?

Air conditioner units can be noisy. You want to make sure that if you place it near a patio or under a deck, the noise will not stop you from enjoying your backyard. If possible, locate the unit around the corner or behind a fence to help keep the noise down.

If you are still unsure about the best spot for your a/c, our team of experts at Brummitt Heating & Cooling can help you figure it out. Let our residential services team assess your home and yard to find the ideal location to achieve optimal climate-controlled comfort and efficiency.