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Remember These Safety Tips for Your Home Heating System

Central heating systems powered by furnaces provide an even delivery of heat that many homeowners in Warrenton, SC, prefer. Because they work by burning fuel, however, it's important to follow critical safety tips to make certain that they don't pose fire and health hazards. Some safety and maintenance chores are simple tasks that you can undertake yourself. Others require services from a trained HVAC professional.

How Fuel-Burning Furnaces Work

Gas, oil and propane furnaces work by burning fuel in a sealed combustion chamber. A heat exchanger absorbs the generated heat, and a blower directs the warmed air into ductwork for distribution. A number of by-products are generated during the combustion process, including carbon dioxide, soot and water vapor. Incomplete combustion can create dangerous carbon monoxide. When operating properly, the flue or chimney connected to the chamber safely exhausts these substances outside your home.

Professional Heater Maintenance Services

Without preventive maintenance, combustion by-products build up within the combustion chamber and cause corrosion. Cracks and holes in the chamber or flues allow harmful fumes to circulate through your home. For safe operation, furnaces need to be serviced regularly by a qualified HVAC technician. A quality furnace checkup includes necessary cleanings and adjustments as well as a thorough inspection of all of your heating system's components to make sure that everything is working safely and efficiently.

Five Easy Furnace Safety Tips

These five safety strategies can help protect your family from fire and health hazards.

1. Identify fuel and power supply locations. In case of a leak or fire, you'll want to know how to shut off your heater's electrical power and shut off the fuel supply. For your safety, both should be switched off before performing any maintenance tasks.
2. Change the Air Filter. A clogged filter not only forces your furnace to run longer to reach ideal temperatures but negatively affects your home's indoor air quality as well. Experts recommend changing the system air filter at least each month during the heating season.
3. Clean Vents and Return Registers. Vents and grilles can become magnets for pollutants like dust and pet hair. Vacuum them regularly to improve indoor air quality.
4. Establish a Perimeter Clearance. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) recommends keeping combustible materials at least three feet away from your heating equipment.
5. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Odorless, colorless and tasteless, carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can cause flu-like systems, unconsciousness and even death. Install detectors throughout your home to alert you to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

A well-maintained furnace will provide years of safe and reliable service. Enrolling in a preventive maintenance offers you the convenience of pre-scheduled visits at a predictable cost. At Mike Brummitt Heating and Cooling, we're dedicated to providing you with products and services that enhance the comfort, health and safety of your Warren, SC, home.