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3 Things to Know About a Struggling Air Conditioning System

There you are, dripping sweat as you search online for an air conditioning troubleshooting guide. You’re hoping whatever is causing your HVAC system to struggle is a small problem, and probably feeling nervous as you contemplate the possibility it’s actually a huge problem.

Pour yourself a tall glass of ice water. Take a deep breath. Believe us when we tell you, it’s all going to be okay. Your family is not going to have to suffer through a steamy-hot summer, fighting for a prime spot in front of the freezer’s open door.

Chances are good that what’s zapping your air conditioner’s performance is a simple fix, and maybe even one you can handle in less than five minutes on your own. If that’s not the case, expert help is just a click away. A service call is probably way less expensive than you’re imagining, too.

Ready? Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take right now:

1. Check your thermostat’s settings. You wouldn’t believe how often the thermostat is to blame. Read and follow these four quick steps you can take to makes sure your thermostat isn’t causing problems.
2. Check for leaks. Here are three common causes of leaks. You probably won’t be able to fix a leak on your own, but at least you’ll know exactly which direction to point your technician in for a service call.
3. Check your filter. A dirty, dusty filter dramatically reduces an air conditioner’s performance. Especially if you have pets, you need to replace your filter monthly – even if it doesn’t look like it’s in bad shape.
Most of the time, an ailing air conditioner can be made almost good as new just by fixing one of those three simple issues. If your system seems to have something else going on, it’s time to schedule a service call.

Even if we come out to work on your air conditioner, that doesn’t mean you’re in for a big bill. There are other problems that are fairly quick and easy for a professional to fix – and we’re really good at helping our customers get the longest possible life from their equipment.

After you run through the troubleshooting tips above, if your air conditioner’s still not working right, call in the pros from Brummitt. All you have to do is click to schedule your service call. No sweat.