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What Are the Best Systems for Residential Heating?

New Residential Gas Furnace

How to choose the right heating and air conditioning equipment for your house.

The variety of heating and air conditioning systems on the market can make it difficult to determine what will work best for your home. There are plenty of great manufacturers out there offering efficient, quiet, and reliable HVAC systems. Those machines also come in a range of sizes and capacities for small bungalows to massive mansions. So how do you tell which is the best residential heating system for your home?

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a new heating and air conditioning system:

  • Your climate – how much will your furnace be used to heat your home?
  • Manufacturer reputations – which ones seem to be the most reliable?
  • House size – how many square feet does the heater need to service?
  • Existing HVAC system – how will the new furnace interface with your current air conditioner and air ducts?
  • Add-ons – are you starting fresh with a new furnace, or are you looking for a piece of equipment that will support your furnace by heating a portion of your house?

Determining the appropriate type, size, and configuration for your new heating system should be trusted to an HVAC professional. There is a scientific way to choose the right size heater for your house, and untrained homeowners tend to over- or under-size their systems for all the wrong reasons. An oversized system will start and stop constantly, leading to premature repair bills. An undersized system will constantly run, which will max out your utility bills.

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