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When to Spend on High Efficiency and When Not To

The energy efficiency that can be achieved in heating and cooling systems has reached a new peak over the last decade. Stricter government regulations and technological advances have allowed HVAC manufacturers to turn out products with near-total efficiency. Systems that meet the highest standards for efficiency can save you a significant amount of money on your monthly utility bills. The product's price, however, generally rises in pace with its energy efficiency. When deciding how much to spend on a furnace or air conditioner for your Creedmor, SC, home, it's smart to consider how long it will take you to recoup your upfront investment.

High Efficiency Vs Mid-Efficiency Products

HVAC systems are rated for energy efficiency by comparing their heating or cooling output with the amount of energy that they consume. Depending on the product, the result is expressed as a numeral or as a percentage. Fuel-burning furnaces, for example, use the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating scale. An AFUE rating of 85 percent means that 15 percent of the fuel isn't being converted into household heat during the combustion process.

The more that you use a heating or cooling system, the more you'll save by purchasing a high efficiency model. Savvy homeowners will match efficiencies to their specific heating and cooling demands. For those who live in extremely cold climates where a heater gets a lot of use, purchasing a furnace with the highest efficiency rating makes sense. In the Carolinas, a high efficiency air conditioning is likely a wiser option.

Additional Factors to Consider

Some HVAC products are intrinsically more energy efficient than others. The type of fuel used in a furnace, for instance, can drive up monthly costs. Gas furnaces cost less to operate than their oil-burning counterparts, even when they have the same efficiency ratings.

Comfort considerations are important too. Heaters and air conditioners with the highest efficiency ratings, such as Carrier's top-rated products for 2013, are more likely to include features that improve your comfort. You'll find furnaces with modulating gas valves that allow them to operate at cozy low-fire settings and air conditioning systems with variable fan speeds that let you enjoy a gentler delivery of cool air when cooling demands are low.

At Mike Brummitt Heating and Cooling, our broad selection of mid-level and high efficiency products ensures that you find the perfect system for your home. Our experts will help you crunch the numbers to determine annual operating costs for each of the heating or cooling systems that you're considering so that you can make an informed decision. To schedule a free consultation, contact Mike Brummitt Heating and Cooling today.