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Why Doesn't My Thermostat Hold the Temperature I Want?

Thermostat Controls

Complete heating and air conditioning control begins with a new programmable thermostat.

If your heating and air conditioning system is controlled by an old thermostat, chances are you can never get a steady temperature going in your house. Just like nearly any other mechanical device, the old thermostats wear out over time. Eventually, they are not reliable for making sure your heating and air conditioning system keeps your home a steady temperature.

Today’s programmable thermostats, however, do an excellent job of keeping homes at steady temperatures. Plus, you can program the thermostat to run your heating and air conditioning systems at various temperatures throughout the day. You can run the air conditioner less during the day and kick the temperature back down just before you get home from work – all without making changes manually.

The best programmable thermostats can be controlled from a smartphone. Forgot to change the HVAC settings before you left town for the weekend? It’s ok, just log in on your phone and make the adjustment. Want to know what your teenager sets the thermostat at during the summertime? You can take a peek anytime right on your phone. Having the ability to monitor and adjust your heating and air conditioning settings from anywhere in the world is a massive benefit that your old thermostat can’t offer.

Running your heating and air conditioning system is likely one of your household’s biggest expenses. A smart programmable thermostat will help you reduce your utility bills by putting complete control of the HVAC system right in the palm of your hand. Contact Brummitt about programmable thermostats for complete heating and air conditioning control.