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Why You Should Place Appliances Away from Your Thermostat

homeowner setting the thermostat

One easy tip could produce massive energy efficiency gains for your home.

There are about a million tips out there to help people increase their home's energy efficiency. Today we're sharing with you an efficiency tip that you probably haven't seen before. It's a simple one, and it won't cost you a dime. Are you ready for it?

Don't place appliances near your thermostat.

Why, you might ask? Running appliances tend to generate heat. If that heat reaches your thermostat, it will take a false reading of your home's temperature and think that the house is warmer than it really is. That will cause the air conditioner to run more than is actually necessary, and this will cause a drastic increase in your cooling bill. It will also cause the rest of your house to feel much cooler than you want it to.

Careful appliance placement is an incredibly simple cure for a potentially enormous energy drain. Thermostats are usually not located near kitchens, bathrooms, or other places where extra heat might be generated. But take a moment to stand by your thermostat and take a slow, careful look all around you. Are there lamps, humidifiers, or other heat-generating appliances nearby? Can they be relocated? It could save you a bundle this summer.

It might seem no matter what you do, your cooling bill goes up a little more each and every summer. But an experienced HVAC technician could find plenty of little changes that could save you big money on your electric bill. Want to make this year different? Check out this information about how an energy audit could save you money and increase your home's energy efficiency this summer.