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Can a New Gas Furnace Help Reduce Contaminants in My Home's Air?

hvac service technician installing a new furnace and air filter

What to consider when looking for a new, efficient furnace to improve indoor air quality.

An old gas furnace can present health and safety hazards to the people in your house, especially when it comes to indoor air quality. The older a furnace is, the more likely you will experience reduced efficiency and a greater chance of carbon monoxide seeping into your home. And if the furnace has older issues or worn-down parts that were never addressed, the chance of your indoor air quality plummeting rises even further.

Here’s how a new gas furnace will reduce the contaminants that negatively impact your home’s indoor air quality:

  • Reduced chance of natural gas leaking into the house. A brand new furnace will virtually guarantee that no natural gas is wasted or leaked into the home. Old burning elements can develop small cracks and imperfections, which can allow natural gas to enter the house.
  • Reduced chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Burned natural gas creates carbon monoxide, which is normally vented outside of the home. When that venting mechanism is compromised, the carbon monoxide can end up inside the house – this can be a deadly situation.

Why You Should Consider Getting Air Ducts Cleaned, Too

To really boost your indoor air quality, think about hiring an HVAC expert who will clean out your air ducts when installing your new furnace. Getting the dust and gunk out of your air ducts means fewer particles will be circulating through your home. Air duct cleaning is a fast and efficient way to improve air quality, whether or not you spring for a new furnace.

Brummitt Heating and Cooling can help you find the right furnace for your home and suggest even more ways to improve your home’s environment. Contact us to get expert answers to your questions about how to improve your indoor air quality.