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My home has radiators (or baseboards). Can I install central air?

Residential baseboard heating system

Are radiators and central air compatible? Learn from the HVAC residential services pros.

According to the top HVAC residential services experts, having a boiler with radiators heating your home means you can enjoy constant, reliable heating throughout the cooler months. It means not having to listen to a furnace turn on and blast your home with warm, dry air all day and night. Radiators or baseboard heating are an excellent choice for many homeowners.

One thing to keep in mind is that a boiler system does not use air ducts, and that makes it tricky when you want to retrofit your house with central air. Here are some thoughts from the residential services pros on installing central air in a home with radiators or baseboards.

Is it realistic to install AC in a house with radiators?

First of all, yes, it is totally possible to do this. However, you will encounter the added expense of installing air ducts throughout the home. The cost and complexity of this task depend on the size and configuration of your house. Sometimes the ducts can be installed through closets; other duct systems can be put between the studs inside walls; other times, they simply have to run alongside walls. Paint and décor can sometimes camouflage these ducts and make them look like part of the room’s design.

How do you find the right Oxford, North Carolina, HVAC pro for this project?

Don’t be afraid to interview a few HVAC companies ahead of your AC install. Find a company that is easy to communicate with, answers all of your questions, and provides you with a detailed and reasonable quote.

Obtaining a quote from Brummitt Heating and Cooling for your central air installation is just a click away. Contact our HVAC residential services experts to answer your HVAC installation or repair questions.