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Will Scheduled Maintenance Help Me Combat Costly Energy Bills?

Technician replacing air filter

Troubleshooting rising energy costs is often as simple as looking at your heating and cooling equipment. HVAC expenses make up roughly 60 percent of your utility budget. When your system is out of whack, one of the first signs you’ll notice is a bloated monthly bill. Prevent these types of nasty surprises by performing regular maintenance.

HVAC Tasks You Can Manage Yourself

One of the easiest maintenance tasks for your heating and cooling equipment is also the most likely to cause hiked rates. Your unit’s air filter needs to be changed on a regular basis. Many homeowners do this once a month, while others use a higher quality filter that allows for quarterly changes.

A dirty air filter restricts airflow, which forces your unit to use more energy to cool or heat your home. The dirtier it is, the harder your system works and the more energy it uses. Sometimes, just by trading out a dirty filter, you can cut your HVAC costs in half.

When to Call in the Professionals

You can service many parts of your heating and cooling equipment on your own. Most of them have nothing to do with rising costs, however. A clogged drain line may lead to water surrounding your unit. Weeds covering your outside air conditioner components may prevent your HVAC system from turning on. Those are tasks you can safely manage on your own.

Unfortunately, there are problems – such as dirty evaporator coils – which may require a professional touch. Sometimes, you simply can’t find the reason your bills are on the rise. Call our shop as soon as possible. HVAC problems get worse over time.

Schedule a service call with Brummitt Heating & Cooling if your troubleshooting doesn’t figure things out. We are always here to meet your HVAC needs.