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Boiler installation in a commercial space is a big job suited for a professional. Chances are your commercial space uses a boiler for heating. Consider both the right company for the install and the right type of unit for your application.

Install the Right Type of Unit

A retrofit in your existing space has different requirements than a new unit. For a retrofit, you may want to match the boiler type of the previous unit but with a more efficient model. You may think bigger is better, but an oversized boiler for your business will use too much energy for the application. Your utility bills will be higher. For a brand new unit, condensing boilers in the right application extract more heat energy from combustion than conventional boilers.

Your installer may recommend a condensing unit if the entering water temperature is low enough to support an efficient operation. The condensing type is a higher cost to install but lower cost in monthly utility bills. It saves you money over time, averaging about 5 years to start saving over the conventional type. With a large commercial space, we bet efficiency and low ongoing costs are at the top of your wish list.

Use a Reputable Boiler Installation Company

The right company will have years of experience. A certified, licensed, and bonded provider will follow proper safety precautions. Boilers are powerful pieces of equipment. The components and piping can be dangerous if not properly insulated. The last thing you want is property damage or compromised employee safety. Safety shut off controls should be installed and checked once the boiler is running.

Brummitt Heating and Cooling has been installing new boilers from the Carrier line for over 20 years. We’ll help you select the right boiler for your application. The boiler installation will be conducted with the utmost safety. Our scheduling flexibility limits any down time for your business. Our ongoing support is unmatched in north central North Carolina and southern Virginia. We’re committed to maintaining your equipment through a long, consistent life.

Call (919) 693-5536 for a true professional in boiler installation. Brummitt Heating and Cooling will install the best type of boiler for you.