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When the coldest days of winter are upon us, you want a reliable boiler that will spread warmth throughout your home. Boilers can be either gas- or oil-fired; either can provide energy-efficient heat.

Boilers have undergone huge improvements in safety and efficiency. They can now extract more heat from the fuel using new combustion technologies, which are sealed. This helps reduce drafts, which is both safer and more efficient.

Many of Carrier®’s boilers are ENERGY STAR® qualified. As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, we offer these products to you so you can achieve the highest energy-efficiency and save on your energy bills.

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Comfort™ 80 Gas-Fired Boiler – BS1

This gas-fired boiler uses a cast-iron heat exchanger and titanium composite burners for maximum durability. With a standing pilot light ignition, it’s easier on you to get this unit back up and running if it goes out.

Comfort™ 80 Gas-Fired Boiler – BS2

The electronic spark to pilot ignition helps make powering up this boiler a breeze. The BS2 model also features titanium composite burners, cast-iron heat exchanger, and single-stage gas valve.

Comfort™ 80 Gas-Fired Boiler – BW1

This is a cast-iron radiant system from the Comfort™ series of Carrier® boilers. It gets up to an 80.4% AFUE rating so you can be sure it’s working at its optimum efficiency. Limited warranties for parts and the heat exchanger are available for qualifying purchasers.

Comfort™ 80 Gas-Fired Boiler – BW2

Dependable and durable, this gas-fired, hot-water output boiler is designed to serve your radiant system needs for years to come.

Performance™ 84 Gas-Fired Boiler

Dependable and durable, this small yet powerful gas-fired, hot-water output boiler is designed to serve your radiant system needs for years to come.

Performance™ 86 Oil-Fired Boiler – BW4

This boiler serves up the hot water for your radiant system and lives up to its Performance™ name every day. It’s made for lasting dependability with a cast-iron heat exchanger and boasts an efficiency rating of up to 86.5% AFUE.

Performance™ 86 Oil-Fired Boiler – BW5

The versatile Performance™ 86 model BW5 boiler can serve all your hot water needs. It’s our only boiler product that includes a tankless coil to heat water for domestic use. Its cast-iron heat exchanger also makes it an exceptionally dependable, long-lasting product.

Performance™ 90 Gas-Fired Boiler

The Performance™ 90 is our most efficient boiler system. With a high-performance aluminum heat exchanger and superb engineering, it achieves an efficiency of 90% AFUE.