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Answers to the Most Common Questions About Furnace Repair

How to Know for Sure When You Need Furnace Repair

It’s not always easy to tell that your furnace needs a professional’s touch. Perhaps your furnace has been making unusual sounds or smells strangely. Maybe your heat has been uneven or nonexistent. Whatever the issue, trust the pros at Brummitt Heating and Cooling with your furnace repair.

What Benefits Can You Reap from Furnace Repair?

Besides providing you warm air in the winter, your furnace works all year long. It plays an important role during the summer when you use your cooling system. A split system continually circulates air throughout the year to keep you comfortable. The furnace is passed with each circulation.

An efficient furnace will lower your utility bill. A properly maintained gas furnace can result in a significant decrease in energy usage. Newer models especially shine in this area.

Should You Repair Your Existing Equipment or Install a New System?

During a furnace repair visit, a certified technician will evaluate wear and tear on your existing furnace. The age of the furnace will be considered along with any damage from improper maintenance.

While the costs of repairing an older furnace are lower upfront, the long-term cost of multiple repairs and service visits should be considered. Another compounding cost is higher energy bills from an old, inefficient unit.

A new unit is a significant initial investment, but the long-term costs are in your favor. Expect lower energy bills and at least a 20-year life expectancy when you properly maintain your new unit. Remember, your furnace keeps your family warm in winter but also supports comfortable air circulation all year long. It makes sense to invest.

Brummitt Heating and Cooling – Your Trusted Furnace Repair Partner

Brummitt Heating and Cooling has over 20 years of experience in furnace repair. Our technicians are trained to service all types of furnaces. We offer over 20 Carrier brand gas and oil furnaces. Our furnace repair services and new equipment will have your home heating system operating at peak efficiency.

When faced with furnace repair, the options can be confusing. Our professionals will lead you to the best solution for your home and lower your utility bills. Schedule us for a furnace repair visit by calling (919) 693-5536.