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Delivering Expert Home Heater Installation

There are two times for home heater installation: buying a new home or replacing an old system in your current home. Either way, installing a new residential heater is a big job. Look for HVAC professionals with years of experience, like Oxford, NC’s own Brummitt Heating and Cooling.

New Homes are a Blank Canvas for Any Type of Home Heater

A new home has the advantage of being a blank slate for temperature control technologies. Consider options with the greatest efficiency to keep your utility costs low. A more efficient system with higher upfront costs may pay for itself over time. It may make sense to install a packaged all-in-one heating and cooling system. Dual fuel types with an electric heat pump and gas furnace are a particularly efficient bundled option.

Existing Homes Must Consider Repair Versus a New Heater

At a home with a current unit, consider the repair cost versus new home heater cost. Even if repair is possible, it may not be your best or least costly option. A quick fix today could require another service call next year. The price of temporary solutions adds up quickly. Your system also won’t be operating at its most efficient, causing higher and higher bills on energy. If your unit is more than ten years old, strongly consider getting a new heating system.

All Homes Have a Best-Fit Solution

Both home construction and climate are factors to consider before a new home heater installation. The Southeast, with its milder winters, supports the outdoor furnace of a packaged unit. For instance, if the heater is a replacement in a home with a split system and mint-condition A/C unit, it probably won’t make sense to install a packaged unit.

If the time has come to install a new home heater installation, feel confident relying on Brummitt Heating and Cooling’s more than 20 years of experience. We have a heater to meet your particular requirements. We’ll provide you with custom recommendations to ensure your choice is the right one.

Let us handle the details of your new heater installation with our known and trusted Carrier brand heaters. If you need a new heater installed in and around Oxford, NC and southern Virginia, call (919) 693-5536 today. Brummitt Heating and Cooling will work closely with you to make sure your new heater is the perfect fit.