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Heater Problems and Possible Fixes

When your furnace won’t start on a chilly day, it’s easy to worry about the need for an HVAC service call. However, it’s helpful to remember that you can take some steps to troubleshoot first. Common issues affecting the operation of a furnace can include fuel, electricity and the thermostat. Checking these points may save […]

When to Repair or Replace Your Furnace

The question of when to repair a malfunctioning furnace versus when to replace it is one of the most common questions that our team at Mike Brummitt Heating & Cooling receives. In most cases, homeowners will start to notice some of the signs of a furnace breakdown, while on other occasions, the whole thing fails […]

Remember These Safety Tips for Your Home Heating System

Central heating systems powered by furnaces provide an even delivery of heat that many homeowners in Warrenton, SC, prefer. Because they work by burning fuel, however, it’s important to follow critical safety tips to make certain that they don’t pose fire and health hazards. Some safety and maintenance chores are simple tasks that you can […]