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Do you notice throat or nasal irritation and dry, itchy skin during the winter months? If so, the humidity levels in your home or office may be too low.

When your heating system kicks in during the colder part of the year, it often dries out your indoor air. A humidifier can help add needed moisture back into the air, making it more comfortable to breathe. Having proper humidity levels also makes the air easier to heat so your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Brummitt Heating and Cooling offers a variety of humidifiers from Carrier. We will work with you to decide if you need a humidifier to help make your home or office more comfortable. Below is list of some of the humidifiers we carry.

Performance™ Bypass Humidifier – LBP

The Performance™ bypass humidifier uses less electricity than fan-powered humidifiers by letting your furnace blower supply the air movement to drive moisture vapor into your ducts. This can help you breathe more comfortably with less dryness during the harshest winter months.

Performance™ Bypass Humidifier – SBP

This dependable Performance™ series humidifier is nearly silent while operating. Its treated aluminum water panel and long-lasting outer casing ensures top performance for a very long time. The unit effectively distributes moisture throughout your home so you remain comfortable day and night.

Performance™ Fan-Powered Humidifier – LFP

This high-capacity, whole-home humidifier keeps you comfortable in cold, dry seasons. The Performance™ fan-powered humidifier blows moisture vapor directly into your ducts. This home humidifier type is the preferred solution for heat pump applications.

Performance™ Fan-Powered Humidifier – SFP

Enjoy the air you breathe even if you’re limited on space with this compact, whole-home humidifier. This humidifier was engineered to work with Carrier® products for improved whole-home comfort.

Performance™ Steam Humidifier

Carrier’s highest-capacity, whole-home humidifier delivers consistent levels of moisture. If you have a larger home or want to ensure consistent levels of humidity for the comfort of your family and the care of your furnishings, this steam humidifier may be your best choice. It generates steam by energizing two electrodes, which is delivered into the duct by a patented dispersion tube.

Performance™ Water-Saver Bypass Humidifier

Save on energy costs, reduce static electricity, and even help protect your wood furniture with this Performance™ humidifier. Its unique, paper-panel design allows 100% water usage by wicking excess water into the water panel for use rather than allowing it to drain away.