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How Can I Save on My Commercial HVAC Energy Costs?

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Having the right HVAC commercial services in place can help your company save time and money in 2017. Keeping overhead costs down is critical to the success of any business. Read on below to learn how you can maximize commercial services to benefit your business budget while ensuring your commercial HVAC is working its best to keep your business safe and comfortable.

What Causes Wasted HVAC Energy Costs?

The following is a list of ways your commercial HVAC system may not be functioning efficiently, which costs your business extra money:

n•Dirty filters are in desperate need of replacement.

•The lack of a programmable thermostat means you are cooling or heating rooms even when you have an empty business.

•Your HVAC system hasn’t had regular maintenance checks.

•Your heating and cooling ducts are not sealed well.

•Your HVAC system is over ten years old and not Energy Star certified.


How Do I Resolve These Issues?

There are several things you can do to reduce your HVAC energy costs and make the most of your commercial services:

n•Start by changing your filters on a regular basis. Dirty filters mean your HVAC system has to work extra hard to keep your business comfortable. 

•Schedule regular maintenance visits with an HVAC commercial services team. This will help you identify any issues early on before they become major problems. 

•Upgrade to a programmable thermostat. This will give you more control of how you heat and cool rooms when not in use, or during low-use times, such as weekends. 

•When your HVAC technician checks in on your system, ask him or her to verify that your HVAC ducts are all properly sealed. 

•If your HVAC system is over ten years old, it is important to upgrade to an Energy Star certified unit. Having an energy efficient system will enable you to save money every single month on heating and cooling costs, not to mention you will be saving on repair costs. 

Do you need to reduce your company’s HVAC energy costs this year? Get in touch with our team of commercial services experts at Brummitt Heating and Cooling today and let us help you identify ways to save your company money on your HVAC in 2017.