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What to Look for When Your Furnace Stops Working

thermostat issues

Troubleshooting a problematic furnace is usually a job for a professional. However, there may be some issues you can fix on your own. 

Below are some things you can inspect to determine the reason your furnace has stopped working. If you identify any of the following issues, you might even be able to fix the problem without calling a technician.

Troubleshooting Checklist for Your Furnace

If you find yourself in the middle of winter with a furnace that is not keeping your home warm, you don’t have to feel powerless. There are some things you can check on your own before calling an HVAC technician:

n1.Check your fuse box for possible tripped circuit breakers.

2.Make sure your furnace is on. Sometimes the switch can get accidentally turned off. 

3.Inspect your unit to see if anything is blocking the fresh air intake and the exhaust. Leaves, insects and moisture issues can cause blockages that prevent your unit from working properly.

4.Double-check your thermostat settings. Is it set to “heat”? Is it set to a high enough temperature for the furnace to turn on? 

5.Make sure the low battery warning isn’t showing on your thermostat unit.

6.Replace your filter if it appears dirty or if it has been more than a few months since you last replaced it. 

What Should I Do If My Furnace Is Still Not Working?

If you have checked each of the items above and your furnace is still not working, you may have a larger problem. At this stage, it is important to call an experienced technician to take a look at your unit and determine the exact issue.

nThe good news is our team at Brummitt Heating and Cooling has plenty of experience and is ready to help you troubleshoot what is going on with your furnace. Contact Brummitt Heating and Cooling now — don’t get left in the cold!