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Why Should I Consider HVAC Zoning for my Business?

While there are many different types of HVAC commercial services available in our area, you can be sure the best commercial services will suggest HVAC zoning for your business. 

Zoned HVAC systems allow you to divide your commercial space into two or more different zones. Each zone has separately controlled heating and cooling, allowing for individual temperature settings. This type of zoning increases the efficiency of your HVAC system, as it only heats and cools each area as needed. On average, zoned HVAC systems can save businesses up to 30 percent off their energy bill.

What Other Advantages Can Zoned HVAC Systems Provide?

Many problems can occur when using a single thermostat for your business. Some examples include:


  • Inconsistent comfort levels
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  • Unnecessarily high utility bills
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  • Overall inefficient heating and cooling

One thermostat simply cannot maintain the same temperature throughout an entire office or building. Zoning systems customize temperatures through the use of individual motorized dampers. These dampers work in conjunction with programmable thermostats. The two work together to control heating and cooling in each zone.

Some outside factors that can affect a particular zone’s temperature include:


  • Sunlight
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  • Wind chill
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  • Ceiling height

In addition, zoning can allow for reduced heating and cooling in zone areas not in use.

Are You Paying Too Much to Heat or Cool Zones in Your Commercial Space?

Installing a zoned HVAC system in your business requires a small upfront investment. However, you will find that you will save money in the long-run with more efficient heating and cooling while experiencing the immediate benefits of a consistently comfortable business environment.

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