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3 Important Maintenance Tasks for Your AC Unit This Summer

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What’s the big deal about air conditioner maintenance?

Whether you have a money-saving maintenance agreement in place or not, there are some maintenance tasks you can’t afford to skip in the summertime. If you’ve noticed your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air quite like she used to, that’s a sure sign something is amiss in your AC equipment. Here are three important maintenance tasks for your air conditioner this summer:

1. Keep It Clean

Air conditioners need to be cleaned every summer, but the vast majority of homeowners either doesn’t know that, or simply don’t do it. To keep your AC unit running efficiently all summer, a professional cleaning will go a long way.

2. Keep It Lubed

Another great way to keep your air conditioner running strong through the hottest summer days is to make sure all of its moving parts are well lubricated. When parts are forced to rub and grind against each other, it can cause a ton of problems up to and including full unit failure. So have your AC technician re-lubricate your air conditioner to give it an extra boost.

3. Keep It Filled

A common cause of less-cool air blowing through your system is a low Freon level. Simply recharging the Freon in your AC system could be the answer to your warm air problem.

It doesn’t matter if your air conditioner is two or 12 years old – regular maintenance is vital to your AC unit’s longevity. An HVAC maintenance agreement will keep your air conditioner and all other covered appliances in good shape for years to come. There’s a great chance you will also avoid costly repair bills for quite some time.

To learn more about maintenance agreements for your Oxford, NC home, click this link to contact Brummitt HVAC with your questions.