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Furnace Installation Requires a Professional Touch

If your home is ready for a new furnace installation, get ready for lower utility costs of the most efficient current models. Today’s choices have the latest technology to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long. Beyond the base furnace product you select, expect extras like improved air filtration and programmable thermostats to offer even more bang for your buck.

Here are some quick tips for furnace installation:

  • Install early before the winter weather hits. Your family will be comfortable as the weather transitions from fall to winter. You can also avoid the hassle of an emergency install.
  • Leave the job to a professional. You’re making a significant investment in your new equipment. A professional will complete the furnace installation correctly so you can expect a long life and peak efficiency from your equipment.
  • Ask your certified technician questions. The technician will be able to explain safety features and controls. The furnace installation visit is a great time to get your programmable thermostat set up on an efficient heating cycle. The temperature can be lower when sleeping and away at work to lower your energy bill.
  • Understand your warranty coverage and schedule preventative maintenance. Keep the warranty paperwork and the contact information for your technician in the event you have any issues. Why not set up a reminder to change your air filters on your phone? It’s also a good idea to set up a yearly appointment for preventative maintenance. An annual maintenance visit will protect your valuable investment.

Let Brummitt Heating and Cooling be Your Certified Professional

At Brummitt Heating and Cooling, we offer over 20 makes and models of Carrier furnaces. Whether a gas or oil unit is selected for your home, it will be backed by a warranty. Our units are designed for optimal comfort and maximum efficiency.

Not only does the success of your furnace installation require a great product, it also requires great service. Over 20 years of experience creating happy customers speaks to our commitment to doing the job right, every time. Call (919) 693-5536 today to start saving money on utility costs after an efficient furnace installation.