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Fan and Evaporator Coils

One of the biggest issues in HVAC today is having a heating and cooling system that is too big for the fan and evaporator coils. When this is the case, your system can literally freeze up!

Matching the size of your unit to your fan and evaporator coils helps your system run at its most efficient. And when everything is running efficiently, you can see savings on your utility bills.

Brummitt Heating and Cooling technicians are certified to both install new fan and evaporator coils and provide service repair to existing coils. If you think it may be time to replace your coil, contact us to pinpoint the product that will match your system.

Comfort™ FB4C Fan Coil

This Comfort™ series fan coil offers efficiency support with your comfort and budget in mind. It uses a high-efficiency, 5-speed blower motor inside a fully insulated cabinet so it helps keep you comfortable quietly. In addition to the sloped, corrosion-free drain pan, an optional ArmorCoat™ coil tin-plating is available for enhanced corrosion resistance.

Comfort™ FX4 Fan Coil

The Comfort™ FX4 fan coil utilizes a high-efficiency, multi-speed blower motor to provide comfort options. Paired correctly with an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump, it can aid efficiency to help you save on your energy dollars.

Comfort™ FY5 Fan Coil

The Comfort™ FY5 is designed specifically as a low-cost fan coil option. It utilizes a standard-efficiency, fixed-speed blower motor backed by Carrier® quality to provide reliability within your budget. A 10-year parts limited warranty is available for qualified purchasers.

Comfort™ Multi-Family Home Fan Coil

The Comfort™ FF1 fan coil, designed for apartment applications, can be purchased with either a standard-efficiency, fixed-speed, or high-efficiency, multi-speed blower motor. Its 22 1/8″ wide cabinet is designed to fit between wall studs and can be wall hung or flush mounted for easy replacement and access.

Infinity® Fan Coil – FE4

Maximize your efficiency and comfort with this variable-speed fan coil. This can make a huge difference on your utility bill each month. Plus, it promotes better humidity control, which means you’ll feel cooler during those warm, summer months.

Infinity® Fan Coil – FE5

Gain on comfort and on your air conditioner or heat pump efficiency with this Infinity® series fan coil. Infinity® intelligence enables self-configuration and easy troubleshooting with Infinity control to make this easy to use and maintain.

Performance™ Cased N Evaporator Coil

Having an evaporator coil properly matched to your outdoor unit is critical to getting the most out of your air conditioner or heat pump. This unit’s vertical N coil design supports system efficiency.

Performance™ Cased N Evaporator Coil – Horizontal

Carrier® evaporator coils are designed and manufactured for durability and appropriate system fit to assure you consistent performance year after year. This system’s efficiency is largely influenced by the horizontal N coil design.

Performance™ Fan Coil

Achieve increased cooling system efficiency of up to 2 SEER rating points with this fan coil. It is both air purifier and humidifier compatible to ensure you enjoy the cleanest air throughout your home or business.

Performance™ Slab Style Evaporator Coil

The horizontal slab coil design of this Performance™ series evaporator coil aids in narrow space installations. The all-aluminum coil is corrosion-resistant to help keep down unforseen repairs.

Performance™ Uncased A Evaporator Coil

The vertical design of this uncased A coil from Carrier® helps the system run more efficiently. It uses non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant and comes with a 10-year parts limited warranty for qualified purchasers.

Performance™ Uncased N Evaporator Coil

An uncased Carrier® evaporator coil comes in a wide range of sizes that can be installed into existing furnace-matched coil casings so you can have the assurance of the right match to your outdoor unit for consistent performance year after year. The vertical design includes a sloped, corrosion free drain pan to help reduce mold and bacteria build-up.