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Keep Your Business Warm with Professional Boiler Repair

When you need boiler repair, you need experts who can service your specific type of unit. Your boiler may run on gas or oil. Whether your boiler is floor standing or wall mounted, a professional with the right knowledge and experience will ensure a safe and efficient repair.

If your boiler is also providing your business with hot water, a repair has the potential to impact two systems. It makes sense to hire a professional who will follow a robust checklist. Maintaining your boiler not only extends its life but also eliminates the need for more costly repairs in the future.

Depending on the specifics of your system, here are some general steps that should be performed in a boiler repair visit.

Boiler Repair Checklist:

  • Inspect exterior for any patching needs and wash clean.
  • Open doors to inspect interior and vacuum fireside surfaces.
  • Replace door and manway gaskets to ensure tight seals.
  • Clean and inspect low water controls.
  • Flush boiler with water to remove scaling and deposits.
  • Clean burner, burner pilot, air damper, and blower.
  • Clean electrical contacts and replace any with corrosion or wear.

A certified technician should also run your boiler after a repair and record critical quality control points. Readings like operating temperatures and pressures should be within an acceptable range. All safety guards need to be checked for proper operation to ensure your business is safe.

Your boiler repair visit is a great time to ask the technician questions and alert him to any changes. With our NATE certified technicians and over 20 years of experience in the industry, Brummitt Heating and Cooling has extensive knowledge of every type of system. We also have hard-to-find parts to get your unit up and running quickly. You can count on us for commercial boiler repair. Whether you are open or closed for business, we are always open for you.

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