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Buying Heating & AC Systems on a Budget? Financing Options You Might Not Know About

Financing Heating and Cooling SystemsFinancing Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Made Simple, by Brummitt Heating & Cooling

Heating and air conditioning systems are likely to be the largest users of energy in your home. They are also some of the most expensive equipment a homeowner needs to have. Replacing your old HVAC equipment can be a difficult process, particularly because the cost can take such a big bite out of your budget. We try to make it a little more convenient by accepting a range of payment options. Here’s a quick rundown of the methods we currently accept.

Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards

If you already have access to sufficient funds to pay for your new heating and air conditioning systems, that’s great! We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. However, we also understand that not everyone can cover this large expense on their own. That’s why we help connect our customers with payment-lowering options.

Rebates and Incentives

When you invest in energy-efficient Energy Star heating and air conditioning systems, you may be eligible for tax rebates the following spring. These incentives can increase your new equipment’s affordability by reducing your tax burden, and can amount to several hundred dollars of savings. Check our website for more information about tax rebates and incentives.


Brummitt Heating & Cooling offers in-house financing for qualified customers. Our flexible terms, low interest rates, and reasonable monthly payment amounts have made financing new heating and air conditioning systems affordable for scores of local families.

When the time comes to replace your HVAC equipment, Brummitt doesn’t want you to worry. Our experienced team of customer service agents looks forward to helping you find the best deals, rebates, incentives, and financing options possible.

To start the process of finding and financing the best heating and air conditioning systems for your home, complete our online contact form and we will contact you right away.