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How Will a Boiler Increase the Energy Efficiency of My Business?

11-23 Boiler

If you’re hoping to increase the energy efficiency of your workplace, your boiler should be one of the first places you look. These critical pieces of equipment have evolved over time, becoming both safer and more efficient. It might seem like you could save money by sticking with the old boiler you already have, but you’d really be achieving the opposite. Read on to learn how a boiler can make your business more energy efficient and help your profit margins.

Maintenance Helps Energy Efficiency

Although it won’t bring the same results as buying a more efficient boiler, maintaining the one you already have can help cut your business’ energy costs. One way to achieve this is to get a boiler tune-up, which can help make sure that your boiler has the correct fuel-to-air ratio. Sometimes a boiler uses an excessive amount of air to burn fuel, which sends too much heat into the air instead of into the steam. A tune-up can prevent this from happening.

Removing soot and repairing leaky steam traps are also tactics that can cut down on your business’ energy expenses. But for the most effective way to save with your boiler, the best option might be to upgrade the unit itself.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency with a New Boiler

Today’s boilers use advanced technology to extract more heat from the fuel they burn. Components also have a tighter seal, translating to fewer drafts and improved safety, as well as less wasted energy. A reliable, ENERGY STAR® qualified boiler can heat your business with less energy consumption, meaning your staff and customers will feel just as (if not more) comfortable as before, while your bills see a sizable decrease.

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