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Indoor Air Quality: Problems and Solutions

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Poor indoor air quality puts your family at risk for a host of health problems. It wasn’t until recent years we realized just how contaminated indoor air could be—up to 7x that of air outdoors. All of the chemicals we use in the home, along with dust mites, mold and other particles, make for a dangerous breathing experience.

Symptoms range from an overall fatigue to cold symptoms and aggravated asthma and allergies. The worst contaminants cause serious health issues ranging from heart disease to cancer and neurological disorders. The most frustrating aspect is how easy it is to misdiagnose. You can spend years suffering when instant relief was immediately available.

Changing Your Lifestyle

The most common indoor contaminants aren’t what you might think. While mold is a serious problem when it exists, it isn’t anywhere near as prevalent a problem as cleaning supplies or manufactured fragrances.

It’s much safer to put candles and incense away and invest in high-quality natural scents instead. Rely more on vinegar, baking soda and lemon for cleaning than bleach. Choose perfumes and personal care products listed on the Skin Deep® database too. All those spritzes in the morning stay in your home’s air long after their scents have faded.

How to Determine Air Quality

A qualified HVAC company will help you identify sources of indoor air pollution and the best possible remedies. At Brummitt, Heating & Cooling, we have several products capable of assessing and adjusting indoor air quality conditions. A simple humidifier or standalone air filter can make all the difference in your quality of life. This shouldn’t be confused with your furnace air filter. While these products can help clean up indoor air, they’re designed more for protecting your HVAC system from harmful dirt and debris and shouldn’t be relied on to keep you safe.

Find indoor air quality issues daunting? You’re not alone. Schedule an assessment with Brummitt Heating and Cooling, and make sure your home is as safe and healthy as possible.