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Telltale Signs an AC is on Its Last Legs

An average lifespan for a residential air conditioner is about 14 years. This may be greater or less based on usage and care, making it important to consider issues like annual preventive maintenance as you operate your equipment. If your system is approaching that 14-year benchmark, you may be wondering how soon to expect the need to complete an air conditioner replacement. Even if you are unsure of your equipment's age, you can watch for the following signs.

High Energy Bills and Poor Comfort Control

If your equipment seems like it isn't getting the job done or if your bills are unexplainably high, you may be approaching the time for a new AC installation. New equipment will certainly provide you with better performance options and more controlled energy bills, especially if your current system is particularly old.

Although these may reflect the pending demise of your system, they could also be signaling a life of poor maintenance. If you've never had your air conditioner inspected and optimized, you could be dealing with several years of efficiency loss due to neglect. If you are new to the home and are unsure of the previous maintenance record of your system, take a moment to look at the evaporator coils inside your air handler. Excessive dirt is a cue that maintenance may be the problem. A tune-up may be the best preliminary step in deciding whether you need to have new AC installation.

Increasing Malfunctions

If your maintenance efforts are consistent but your need for repair is increasing, your system may be close to its end. Although you may obtain discounted AC repairs in connection with your preventive maintenance plan, it may be time to cut your losses and invest that repair money in new equipment. You can discuss the options with your contractor as you make the decision to upgrade on your terms or wait for a complete system failure.

AC Noises to Consider

Grinding or whining from a system component may indicate a serious failure. Your blower motor may be responsible if the issue is coming from the air handler, and a repair may be an option. If the noise comes from your outside unit, it may be an indication of a compressor failure. A hissing sound may signal a serious refrigerant leak. Each of these issues may be significant enough to warrant new equipment.

Depend on Professional Installation

Mike Brummitt Heating & Cooling addresses a wide range of HVAC needs in communities such as Warrenton, SC. We are available to inspect your equipment if you aren't sure of its long-term prospects. A tune-up may be all that is required to extend your system's life. However, if your unit is nearing its end, we can provide an estimate as you decide on a new system to meet your home comfort needs while preserving your budget. Call our office for more information.