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What Can I Expect from a Maintenance Agreement this Spring?

HVAC tech inspecting a unit

Whip your HVAC system into shape before summer hits

A maintenance agreement might be the smartest investment you could make with this year's tax refund. To protect your investment, avoid humongous HVAC expenses down the road and ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for your family. You can't do better.

Springtime is the perfect season to have your air conditioner inspected. You don't want to discover cooling problems after the hot weather has already arrived. With an HVAC maintenance agreement plan, you can stay ahead of the summer heat with an air conditioner that's in great running condition. Basic maintenance tasks, paired with a thorough check for parts that require replacing, will keep your system in tip-top shape when you need it to perform its best.

Let the Pros Ensure Your HVAC is Ready for a Warm-Up

During these spring inspections, an expert technician will check over your air conditioner for worn, missing, or damaged parts. Old, dried out belts might need to be replaced. Moving parts sometimes need to be lubricated. Fasteners can work themselves loose and just need a quick tightening. Dust sometimes accumulates in heating and cooling equipment over time, and it needs to be carefully vacuumed out by a professional.

All of these little steps add up to a happy air conditioner that will keep your family comfortable all summer long. Your cooling system will probably run more efficiently and quietly after it's received a little TLC. This means more money in your pocket and a more soothing home environment for everyone. Plus, cleaner HVAC equipment means better indoor air quality inside your house. Contact us to ask about even more ways your family might benefit from a preventative maintenance agreement.