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What Temperature Should My Thermostat Be Set to for Efficient Heating?

Homeowner adjusting programmable thermostat on wall

You can improve your energy efficiency and save money right now.

Homeowners everywhere are striving to save a buck, and energy efficiency can be a great place to start looking for areas for improvement. Utility bills likely claim a significant portion of your monthly budget, and they seem far more flexible than, say, your mortgage payment. If you could just cut down on your water or electricity usage, you could certainly put a little cash back in your pocket. But how do you accomplish that? Let’s take a look at your furnace. What temperature should your thermostat be set to for the most efficient heating possible?

First of all, it depends on your climate and your family’s comfort. Whatever keeps everyone happy and warm – that’s a great place to start. But if the house is empty during the day, it’s a good idea to set the temperature a few degrees chillier. That way, the furnace doesn’t run all day to keep nobody warm. A programmable thermostat will allow you to make sure the house is warmed up again by the time everyone gets back home.

Some people believe that this temperature control method is wasteful. The key is to only change the temperature by a few degrees – five at most. About the time you get home from work, the furnace can run through a cycle and get the house back up to temperature. This is not wasteful at all, as long as your furnace is in good working order. And think of the eight hours each day the house is empty; keeping the furnace running all day would certainly be wasteful.

There’s your pro tip for saving money on your heating bill this winter. Click here for more tips on maximizing your wintertime energy efficiency from our team of HVAC professionals at Brummitt.